2% + GST Sales commission


because sometimes, less is more!

When it comes time to sell your home or investment property let's face it

- cost Counts!


Our low rate is the by product of keeping things simple.


What's included in our commission? I hear you say...


A saturated Marketing Strategy including  High Ranking Online Advertisements, Professional Photographs and Signage for a start. 


Call or Contact us today to compare us with the big Franchises, you may be surprised how much you can save!


honest and accurate appraisals


Be informed

It is essential for you to keep yourself informed throughout the whole selling process.


In order for you to make an informed decision when selecting a listing price for your property, an agent may only suggest an asking price IF they do a comparative market analysis (CMA).


A CMA compares at least 3 properties that:

  •    are of similar standard or condition to yours
  •    were sold within a 5klm radius of yours
  •    and were sold within the last 6 months

 IF this is not possible, the Agent must give you their market advice in writing and justify how they reached their opinion.


The price a property sells for is ultimately determined by the market (ie the buyers)


Unfortunately some Agents will spruik the price of their market advice in order to gain the sales stock, invoking high expectations from owners only to disappoint with a long and drawn out sale process, where the price eventually is drawn back to meet the market.


At Frasers Realty Qld, we prefer to advertise a property at Honest Market Value and let the Buyers drive the price.


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 professional photography


because a picture tells a thousand words

Photography is the one thing that is essential when marketing your property online.


A picture really does tell a thousand words, and while many words are overlooked, your eyes are always drawn to good photos.


We are Real Estate Agents - NOT photographers!


You can see by the example above, that it is possible to showcase a property with great photography...or not.


Therefore we are happy to provide our professional photographer, at no cost to our clients, with every property we sell.


This ensures that we have the tools we need to showcase our listings to their best advantage and gain a great outcome for our client too.



High ranking internet ads - free*

*We provide for Free the first crucial period of Advertising on-line

i.e; the first 4 to 6 weeks.


internetsearchphonephoto internetsearchtabletphoto



Our online adverts are placed in a Higher than Standard ad position with large photographs on both of the largest  high ranking internet property sales search engine portals - realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, as well as several other real estate portals!


This represents approximately $1,000 value - a huge saving to your pocket!


At Frasers Realty Qld we beleive when selling your home - the Agents Commission should be all you need to pay in order to sell your home and in most cases it is!    

If your home was listed and didn't sell within that initial period the advertisement is still online at a standard type ad and any further upgrades or other methods of marketing may require some capital input from you. However, with the current Sellers Market in play, Homes offered to the market that are priced and presented well are selling within the initial advertising period that we provide. 


Phone Mark or Vicki today and receive your own personalised marketing plan when you list your property for sale with Frasers Realty Qld.